We can help with a range of lead generation services to get your sales pipeline humming along – from light touch strategy reviews through to end-to-end sales campaigns. Take a closer look at our offerings here.

Sales Strategy

A strong sales strategy is the foundation of any business that wants to make money (i.e. all of us). We draw on our extensive experience working with B2B companies of all sizes to create the perfect step-by-step sales strategy tailored for your business.

CRM Implementation

CRMs are a confusing world to navigate: the number of options to choose from, the set-up, the customisation. Many sales teams see them as more of a hindrance than a help, but they are the lifeblood of your sales process. We can step you through customisation and optimisation of your CRM, and show you how to use your CRM as more than a fancy filing system.

Lead Generation

Business ticking along nicely? Need some new leads to breathe life into your stale pipeline? We can source you some fresh new leads, reactivate forgotten leads, or reconnect with clients who have forgotten about your business.

Cold Calling

Cold calling is a guaranteed way to boost engagement, capture feedback and drive interest in your business. But for most of us even the thought of cold calling gives us the chills. We can plan, manage and carry out a cold calling campaign for you to get some toasty-warm leads into the hands of your sales people.

Outbound Sales

Marketing strategy? Check. Inbound lead generation set up? Tick.  Set up your next sales call? Outbound sales is a powerful tool when done right, but it’s not everyone’s forte. We have an amazing team of expert sales professionals ready to set up some appointment to help turn your leads into customers.

Client Reactivation

An old business contact or expired client can be a quick sales win. But who has time to dig their records out and call them (especially when there are hot new leads to pursue)? We can bring your old prospects back from the dead (in a totally non-creepy way).

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Did you know?

In a world of ever increasing automated digital relationships with customers. Phone contact and personal communication is still THE tried, tested, trusted & effective method of driving sales into your business and increasing revenue.

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