Sales Foundations

New businesses need to build strong sales foundations, fast. But not everyone can be a sales pro (and you don’t need to be). Ideal for businesses owners who are new to sales, our Sales Foundations package maps out your sales process from start to finish – leaving you with a step-by-step plan to execute sales with confidence..

What type of business is this for?

Businesses who:

  • have a B2B offering
  • have a new business/start-up and have never done sales before
  • understand they need to be ‘selling’ but don’t know how
  • want to build some processes and get some tips on how to sell more effectively
  • want to get it right from the start so they can see their business succeeding.

How does it work?

The sales foundations package helps businesses who are new to sales set themselves up for success.

We guide you through your sales process set up from start to finish. Our Sales Foundations packages removes all confusion around sales and leaves you with a step-by-step plan detailing how to succeed in sales.

Package inclusions

What we show you:

  • How to identify your ideal client
  • How to build your offer
  • How to create your script
  • How to handle objections, specifically in your business
  • How to track your sales activity
  • What are the MUST DO sales activities each and every day that will work for you?

What you take away:

  • A step-by-step guide on how to make sales for your business
  • Sales project plan
  • Sales campaign check list

What’s the damage?

Sales Foundations Package – $990 + GST


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