Our Approach | True Potential

Our Approach

True Potential are your on-demand sales team. Think of us as your top-performing sales people.

We provide a wide range of sales outsourcing services so you can focus on what you do best – whether that is establishing your start-up, managing a team of busy sales people, or knitting beanies for penguins.

From light touch strategy reviews through to end-to-end sales campaigns. Our team of highly-skilled sales professionals use the latest sales strategies to get your pipeline humming along.

Our Story

Based in Sydney, Australia, True Potential was founded by sales operations expert, Chris Hull and sales strategist, Jenny White to help each client reach their next level of business growth.

Under our guidance our clients have reactivated their client databases, tapped into lines of new business, learnt new approaches to sales and undertaken networking strategies that culminated in strong working relationships and a long-term source of revenue.

​Through our work with a diverse range of B2B clients, we have built our experience and expertise across various markets and industries. And while each client is different, they all agree on one thing: our team will exceed your expectations.

Our Story | True Potential