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Customer care and emergency response services for aged care facilities

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Emergency Response Service

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Triage Service

Proactive Customer Care Service

We’ve got this! Let your residents and families know they’re protected

The aged care sector is going through one of the most challenging times in recent history. Thankfully, Australia has responded better than most countries. Our care home providers have worked tirelessly to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their residents, their families and the key workers who play such an important role caring for our elderly.

Rules and restrictions around outbreaks of illnesses including Influenza and COVID-19 are constantly changing in care homes. It’s been hard to keep up and this is understandably causing a great deal of concern for residents and their families.

At True Potential we have a team of friendly, trained customer services representatives who are able to assist your staff when they need it most. Quickly communicating with your residents and their families over the phone to provide reassurance, guidance and information.

Free up your people to care

In a crisis situation, your staff go above and beyond to protect residents. By removing the burden of answering the phone and calling families, you’re giving them back the time they need to do this important, sometimes life-saving, work.

Our team of callers are caring, competent and compassionate. They genuinely enjoy speaking with people and hold the concerns of your residents and their families in the highest regard.

 When help is needed, we can respond within an hour’s notice, and our highly-experienced team can make hundreds of calls within a short period of time. This has proven effective in calming relatives, improving relationships, and providing valuable feedback to care homes.

We appreciate the financial strain many care homes are under. Our flexible and budget friendly pricing options minimise the burden on your balance sheet and ensure your funds can be allocated to the areas they’re needed most, while providing access to important services when you need them the most.

Our Team is Ready to Support you Across Key Areas

Emergency Response Service

In an emergency situation, speed is key. Our Emergency Response Service allows you to quickly make contact with your residents and families to reassure, connect and inform. 

In the event of a rule change or an outbreak, we can be live on the phone and contacting people within an hour of an incident being reported. We find a phone call works much better than an email, particularly when the rule change or incident has a significant impact.  

This has proven to be an effective way to generate goodwill and provide reassurance to concerned residents.

Triage Service

Our triage service eases the burden of answering the phone and reduce the risk of important calls being missed. 

During agreed hours we can manage your central phone line. We answer questions, take down information, and classify the call to decide on next steps. Urgent matters will be escalated and acted upon immediately, while non-urgent enquiries are emailed to the appropriate staff member to action at a convenient time.

This gives you peace of mind that each and every call is attended to quickly and effectively.

Proactive Customer Care Service

We can proactively call all of your residents’ families with an agreed message to let them know the steps you’re taking to protect their relatives. Our friendly callers outline what they should expect in the event of an outbreak and detail how you will be handling it. We record feedback, anecdotal information, questions and requests, and share this with you in an easy-to understand report. 

We also communicate with residents directly, checking on their mood and situation and ensuring they understand we are interested in their welfare and happy to help.  Should we have concerns this will be reported directly to the aged care centre, with an appropriate call to a relative if required.  We love chatting to residents and this has proven to highlight problems that would otherwise have gone unnoticed. 

As well as providing reassurance, this is an excellent source of feedback for your care home and gives you the opportunity to identify areas of potential complaint before they arise.

Answerphone Service

In a busy care home, the reality is that calls will be missed. But it’s still important that families are heard. 

Our team can manage and monitor your answerphone service to ensure that each and every call is actioned. We check your message box at agreed periods, assess the nature of the call, and then provide an appropriate response.  If we can answer the question, we will call the person back directly. Otherwise we will pass the information to the appropriate person to action at a convenient time.


Reassure your residents and their families they’re in good hands with our reliable call service

For more information about how we can help you adapt your communication strategy to provide emergency and ongoing communication services, get in touch.  All of our packages are tailored to your individual needs as a centre and you can mix and match services, and switch them on and off at will.